George and Amy Haynor

January 11, 2022

While we thought we only needed vacant land for out immediate needs, Bryan helped us to understand lender requirements and the challenges of financing “vacant” land. He helped educate us on the additional benefits [of a property with] multiple structures on it. These out buildings would provide a revenue stream that would allow us to acquire a larger parcel that would not only make more sense financially, but would also provide additional space for our company to use as we continue to expand. We were pleased to learn the benefit of this. Bryan reassured us and walked us through every step of the way. his ability to work with colleagues throughout the local market is what ultimately led to the acquisition of our new facility.

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Cornerstone (noun):

  • 1. a stone that marks the beginning of building, often inscribed.
  • 2. basic, essential, indispensable or the most important part.

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