January 11, 2022

Due to his industrial specialization, Bryan is very knowledgeable about the market place, space availability, market conditions, and why these are important to our business. Bryan educated us on the intricacies of commercial leasing as it pertained to our needs and conducted a thorough analysis of the final lease. Bryan possesses strong negotiation skills, which assisted us with “adjustments” to the lease originally offered by the landlord. [He] Assisted us in obtaining the most cost effective space, in the newest facility available on the market, allowing our company to realize savings not only on the annual rental expense, but also on insurance rates due to the newer age and construction type of facility. I would highly recommend Bryan Jerome to others and will be sure to engage his services as future needs arise.

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Cornerstone (noun):

  • 1. a stone that marks the beginning of building, often inscribed.
  • 2. basic, essential, indispensable or the most important part.

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